Overrated: Alabama, LSU, and the Rest of the SEC

Cortland Lee

Before I start this post, I will admit: I am an Oklahoma Sooner fan, have been for some time now.  My opinions are never fact, but just hear me out.

Top to bottom, the SEC is overrated.

In a recent interview with Tulsa World, University of Oklahoma Head Football Coach, Bob Stoops was asked about the “achievement gap” between the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Big 12 conference.  Stoops lashed back with some pretty interesting sound bites and in so many words, said that the SEC conference is overrated.

I love Stoop’s comment here and here’s some evidence from my Twitter page:


CortlandIU Been saying it every year…the SEC is overrated & overhyped by the media.             12:19 AM Nov 11th, 2012 from Echofon


Notice that this tweet is from November 2012, around six months before this article, however; I have felt this way for a long time. The article in the Tulsa World goes on to give some great facts to support Stoops (and my own) position:

Four of those bottom six did so poorly last year that their coaches got fired. The year before, two SEC coaches were canned. The year before that, it was three.

As far as that bloated NFL Draft number – one-quarter of the total players drafted last week was from the SEC – it’s much the same way: 46 of the 63 came from the top half of the league. The other seven schools produced just 17 draft picks.

I have also included a few facts of my own:

SEC Regular Season records minus Alabama & LSU: 43-53 in 2012, 33-47 in 2011, 34-46 in 2010

Bowl Record of SEC teams minus Alabama & LSU since 2010; 15-12

BCS Record of SEC teams minus Alabama & LSU (since BCS inception): 9-6

Part of the hype also is created by the media. The 2009 season marked the beginning of a new 15-year, $2.25 billion contract with ESPN, which coincides with a 15-year, $825 million deal with CBS. Every other top highlight on ESPN’s Sportscenter is from the SEC which explains how there has been an SEC player in the top 3 of the Heisman vote every year since 2006.

Maybe I am just whining due to Oklahoma’s recent BCS blunders, but evidence shows that top to bottom, the SEC simply is not at all what ESPN makes them appear to be.





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