No Seats On The Bandwagon in Dallas: Cowboys Are Still America’s Team

Cortland Lee

We are living in the age of the bandwagon fan. I have never seen so many Miami Heat fans in my life. Once Lebron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, he triggered the largest exodus since the Old Testament. I understand having favorite athletes in professional sports. I grew up a huge, huge Emmitt Smith fan and I still am to this day, but when he headed to desert I wasn’t magically a Cardinals fan. I don’t remember Michael Jordan fans shape-shifting into Chicago White Sox or Washington Wizard fans either.

Are there any loyal fans anymore? The answer is yes…Dallas Cowboys fans.

These fans have stood the test of time and held on this train-wreck of a franchise for years. After many decades of successful seasons, hall of fame players, and championship banners, the Dallas Cowboys are the epitome of mediocrity. The last 15 seasons: 123-124 (including playoffs), three division titles, 6 playoff appearances and only one playoff win. Dallas has been outscored 101-166 in the playoffs.

Still in their disastrous run, their fans have faithfully stood by cheering on.

The Cowboys were the most watched team in the NFL last year and have been for some time now. The top two most watch NFL games last season were Cowboys/Redskins….and Redskins/Cowboys. Week 17 Vs the Redskins was the most watched regular season game in NFL history with over 30 million viewers. Overall the Cowboys played in six of the top ten most watched NFL games last season.

Not only are people watching the Cowboys play on television, but they are attending games. The Cowboys were number one in attendance last year and they have led in attendance every year since the new Texas Stadium opened. Merchandise and apparel sales finished second only to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Oh and there’s more….

According to an ESPN Sports and Facebook fan poll, the Dallas Cowboys are the NFL’s most popular team and the most popular team among women in all of sports. They have over five million fans on Facebook and over a half of million followers on Twitter which are both tops in the NFL.

Not sure why, but the Cowboys are still America’s Team.


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