Don’t Be Dumbbell: My Tips on Public Gym Etiquette

Cortland Lee

For those of you who read this and don’t know me, I am a frequent gym attendee. I’m not giving out any names because they are not paying me to do so but this gym is a big name around the country. I am no profession body builder, but I do consider myself to have some advanced fitness knowledge and pretty decent work ethic. I just want to provide some helpful tips to enhance everyone’s gym experience.

Well…I call them tips; others may call them “pet peeves.”

Front Lobby

Quit standing around the front desk where I check-in because you want gripe about the lack of parking, or because you want to beg the receptionist to let you in and you will pay your past due fees Friday. Nine times out of ten, I have somewhere to be after this workout, and I don’t have time to wait in line behind you in order to check in.

Locker Room

This is my biggest nerve wrecker. YOU ARE NOT AT HOME. The locker room is a public place so please have some discretion and cover yourself when you are not dressing. Do not stand around butt naked carrying on conversations about your how your Roth IRA is tanking. I understand most gyms are set up so that you can shower after your workout and head to work, but when you walk to the shower, wrap that towel you are carrying over your shoulder around your hairy rear! No one wants to see you naked. It’s gross and frankly you aren’t in very good shape.

Workout Floor

I have several points here…

First…I have on headphones, my workout is timed, and I’m jacked up on pre-workout: Now is not a great time to converse.

I am asking you how many sets you have left, but what I really mean is: Hurry up so I can use this machine!

There is only one squat rack and I need to squat, please move your bicep workout to the curl machine.

Working out in jeans and a button-up cannot be comfortable for you and it sure isn’t comfortable for me.

Also, congratulations for pushing yourself, but your excessive grunting does not help the weight get lighter.

That’s all I have.

I hope these tips help you, help us. Leave comments below on tips I missed.


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