Fantasy Four From the Diary of a Wanna-Be GM

Cortland Lee

I had big aspirations of being an NFL General Manager growing up and still some part of me believes it could still happen. An NFL general manager typically earns a six-figure salary with many additional perks and is charge of player movement, hiring (and often firing) of the coaching staff, and overall football operations. It’s a very big responsibility and unless managing a fantasy football team qualifies, I have absolutely no experience. To attain a GM posiition in the NFL you either have the lucky swimmer of an already established GM or owner, or you have to start your way at the bottom as an coach or area scout. Scouts usually have a playing history and a keen eye for individuals they believe to have enough talent to excel. That I have! But……I am not a scout. Sigh.

So I live through fantasy football, twitter spats, and drunken conversations with my friends on who we think will be the next hall of famer. Not until recently did I think, why not show some strain of intelligence on the topic by writing your thoughts down. Ah ha!

Now you get experience my fantasy general manager life through this blog post.

Here are some NFL deals that most likely won’t happen but should be considered:


Ryan Mallet to Jaguars for a 2nd round pick

Mallet will be entering the last year of his contract in 2014 and I am sure the Patriots don’t want to have a mulit-million dollar clipholder on the roster. Brady’s recent contact extension makes him a Patriot until 2017 and Mallet is eager to play. Mallet gives Jacksonville a legit signal caller and allows them to trade down into the draft for more picks or take Jadeveon Clowney.

Big Ben to the Chiefs for Alex Smith & a future pick

I am not sure how, but the Chiefs are an instant contender with the addition of the future hall-of-fame quarterback. Big Ben is unhappy with the offense in Pittsburgh and is looking to add to his jewelry collection before the sun sets on his NFL career. Let’s face it – Alex Smith is horrible and won’t take the Chiefs to the promise land. He has one year left on his deal which he signed in San Francisco and the Chiefs are too talented to turn the controls over to an experience quarterback. Both the Steelers and Chiefs will be very near the cap next year so this deal may very well not be plausible but it sure sounds good.

Adrian Peterson to the Falcons for Jaquizz Rodgers & a 1st round pick

Listen, I know the Falcons neglected the pass rush in 2011 to get Julio Jones and this is their chance to get perhaps the best prospect in the last ten years but we are talking about Adrian Peterson. We all know Matty Smirnoff Ice is an average quarterback and guess what, the Falcons know this as well, but they had done a great job surrounding him with weapons. Adrian Peterson is quickly approaching 30 and is on the back end of his prime years. The run game drastically improves and makes Atlanta a contender again. Minnesota gets some value back and is able to rebuild and perhaps replace Jared Allen if he leaves in free agency.

Arian Foster & Andre Johnson to Anywhere

The RB-WR combo will account for nearly 20% of the cap next season. Matt Schaub’s contract will likely be terminated next season meaning the reigns will be turned over to Case Keenum.  Due the Arian Foster’s fragileness, GM Rick Smith will likely be forced to resign RB Ben Tate. This gives Houston a young nucleus of Keenam, Tate, Hopkins, Posey, and Graham (if resigned). Andre Johnson would be a great fit for the New England Patriots young and struggling receiver corp. Johnson could contribute right away while mentoring young wide out Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson. Foster is going to be a tough sell to any NFL team due to his durabilty issues and almost $30 million left on his deal. The Cleveland Browns will have a good amount of cap space next year and have a huge hole at the RB position. Foster pass catching skills work well in Norv Turner’s offense provided GM Michael Lombardi finds a signal caller.